Veeam ONE at Tech Field Day 22

This demo is cool! Like SUPER cool!

Melissa Palmer and Kirsten Stoner demoed Veeam ONE including an exclusive look into version 11.

Will Monitoring be covered? YES!

Will Intelligent Diagnostics be covered? YES!

Is documentation included? YES!

So you’re probably asking yourself, another monitoring tool? Why is Veeam ONE any different from the others in the market? These are valid questions and I hope to provide insight that will hopefully provide a better understanding for Veeam ONE. Disclaimer: I have the same enthusiasm as Will Ferrell but you won’t find me kicking cereal boxes at the local grocery store. 🙂

The theme for the Veeam ONE demo was Now to Next. In it, Melissa and Kirsten kick off the session with demo for the current version (v10) of Veeam ONE and then transition over to v11.

Veeam ONE provides customers the ability to dig deeper into their Veeam environment while addressing and diagnosing any potential issues before they occur. In some cases, automation is used to remedy the potential issue before the customer is aware of it. While I’m no Nostradamus, I totally dig the ability to look into the future as it relates to your backup environment. More so than ever before, we’ve come to realize this past year how critical backups are especially during the remote workforce transition we’ve all experienced.

Let’s discuss the Now portion of the demo which will cover Intelligent Diagnostics & Automatic Remediation. Below is a screen capture of Veeam ONE (v10a) focused on the Veeam ONE Agent tab under the Data Protection View. The Veeam ONE agent allows the Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics to communicate with your environment including any remediation actions. As you can see from the Actions panel along the right side, we have many actions\options to choose from and they include installing, removing, repairing or changing the settings for the Veeam ONE Agent. Additionally, it provides the ability to start, stop, or schedule the Veeam Agent service. The Veeam Intelligent Diagnostic definitions are being pulled directly from Veeam but the ability to download the definitions in an offline mode is available under Import Signatures after they have been previously downloaded from Veeam.

Under the Type column, if the icon is a Veeam symbol it has something to do with something related to Veeam. Under the Remediation column, if the status says Enable Backup Job (Manual) this requires an manual action by the Veeam administrator to trigger it and this can be accomplished by selecting Approve Action under Remediate in the Actions panel. Please keep in mind, Remediation Actions can be set to run automatically.

Under Alarms, Veeam ONE provides three key details (see below) that should be focused on. Please keep in mind that if you decide to contact Veeam Support for assistance, please provide the support representative the Signature ID (in this example, it is VID211968). By doing so, the support rep will know exactly what to do with the problem being reported while providing an efficient experience.

Knowledge: a description of the problem.

Cause: an explanation as to why there is an issue being reported and what triggered it.

Resolution: the steps\instructions needed to resolve the issue being reported.

Up next in the Now and Next portion of this session, we’re going to discuss v11 of Veeam ONE including pre-defined alarms found under Alarm Management each with knowledge, cause and resolution (previously defined earlier in this post).

Need Reports? Not a problem. The first image below provides a long list of reports that available are to use. The HTML5 reporter will open once the desired report has been selected and it will include information such as VM Name, Resource ID, Protection Type, Policy, Target, Restore Points, and Last Protection Date.

To conclude this session, Kirsten Stoner will now discuss what’s Next. The UI (User Interface) has experienced some changes and they are for the better. They include new enhancements and features in the monitor including the reporting capabilities. Additionally, in the image below you can view your VM Job Status and the Agent Job Status just to name a few of the features.

In Backup Repositories, Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR), External Repositories, and Regular Backup Repositories are included for additionally visibility in v11 of Veeam ONE. This includes the repository type (as I mentioned above) and once you select the desired repository, more information is provided. This includes the space used daily, where the backups are being placed (locally in this example), the type of extents being used, how many virtual machines are being stored in the SOBR, and the overall amount of space being used. Under Capacity Planning, the amount of capacity available and the amount of free space available. The purpose of these features is to provide forecasting for the future.

An example of the Veeam ONE Reports are found below. They provide additional information about your environment. This includes Infrastructure, Resource, Extent and Policy statistics. Please keep in mind, the reports can extend beyond one page and the data provided is very important. The reports can be shared via email as often as you’d like (daily, weekly, day of the week, etc.) and can be configured within Veeam ONE.

For more information about Veeam, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that were posted throughout the day. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 Veeam Vanguard program including the application process please click here. Additionally, I would highly recommend Veeam’s new community program and here is where you can become a Veeam Legend


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