Cisco Duo Authentication for macOS

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and the steps needed to install and setup the Duo client for macOS (official DUO guidance for macOS can be found here). It is very important that you follow the guidance provided in the link above including the embedded video to configure the Duo client for macOS. Once configured properly, the installer package should include the API Hostname, Integration Key and Secret Key (these components can be obtained from your Duo Admin Portal under Applications).

Once the Duo installer (.pkg) has been downloaded (at the time of this post, v1.1.0 was the current version), please proceed with the installation. Please keep in mind, the zip file will contain the configuration script for the Duo installer ( and the Duo plugin installer and uninstaller .pkg package files (see below).

Once the installer has been configured properly to include the API Hostname, Integration Key and Secret Key, please double click on the file (MacLogon-1.1.0.pkg) to start the installation process.

For the remaining steps, please select the defaults (highlighted by the red arrow).

Ensure you are using the Mac password for your Mac account, then select Install Software.

Select Close to complete the installation and then restart the MacBook.

Because the Mac installer (.pkg file) was created to include API Hostname, Integration Key and Secret Key, no further action that is required at this time. As a reminder, the three key components can be found in the Duo Admin Portal. If any of these components are reset in the Duo Admin Portal, the installed (.pkg) will need to be re-created from scratch (please review the configurations steps found here for instructions).

If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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