NU School (Nutanix Education Portal)

Interested in learning more about Nutanix products? Or maybe you’re pursuing a Nutanix certification and need to brush up before taking the exam? Look no further than the Nutanix Education portal commonly referred to as the NU School.

The training options include in-person (boot camps) or virtual training. Personally, I’ve only used the virtual training via the NU School but I hope to attend a Nutanix Boot Camp in the near future (hopefully in Northern Virginia).

I’ve used the NU School to prepare and pass the NPP 5.0 exam and I’m currently pursuing the NCP exam. Online resources also include the Nutanix Bible, Nutanix communities and the YouTube channel.

In order to access the NU School, a login must be created with your company ID. If you need assistance, please contact Nutanix Education via email at or on Twitter (@NutanixEDU).

Additionally, more information about the various products, training options and exam can be found at .NEXT





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