Enrolling a Backup or New device for Duo

This guide and the instructions that follow are intended to be used by your IT staff when configuring the Duo mobile app for an employee that has acquired a new mobile phone (replacing an older phone) or has decided to setup Duo on a secondary device (for example, an iPad) as a backup. Please ask... Continue Reading →

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

I've been blessed to expand my career in ways I could not have conceived 5+ years ago. They include speaking engagements at #VeeamOn with fellow Veeam Vanguards, VMUG UserCons, hosting the VMUG Unfiltered podcast, writing engagements for Aruba Networks, THWACK, Runecast, GestaltIT, and Tech Field Day. In addition to this, the various tech advocacy\influencer groups... Continue Reading →

Duo and Okta

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and the steps needed to configure the Duo mobile app and OKTA Admin portal to ensure two-factor authentication (i.e. 2FA) is enabled which provides protection for your OKTA environment. For official DUO guidance, please review Duo and OKTA which can be found here.Log into... Continue Reading →

Setting Up a Nested ESXi Environment with VMware Workstation Pro

One of the many advantages of the vExpert program includes 365-day evaluation licenses for most products for home lab/cloud providers and for more information about the program, please review this blog post. In my current home lab environment, I use older laptops that meet the minimum requirements which allow me to install, configure and test... Continue Reading →

How to Configure Microsoft LAPS

If you're like most IT shops, sooner or later you'll be required to configure a Windows workstation for an employee. In most cases, the workstation should be added to a Microsoft Windows Domain. One of the primary reasons for adding a Windows workstation to a Windows Domain is because it provides a method to centrally... Continue Reading →

Creating a new Physical Protection Infrastructure group in VBR v11

Over the weekend, I decided to stand up a Windows DC (Domain Controller), install Veeam Backup & Replication (GA build and test the concept of creating a new Physical Protection Infrastructure group in the v11 console.   Windows Domain Controller: Windows 10 client: Veeam Backup & Replication (GA build was used for this... Continue Reading →

Creating a Duo Username Alias

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and the steps needed to configure a Duo alias for an employee of your organization. An example of this use case is a Mac user provided a corporate MacBook that includes multiple local Mac accounts. You may ask why multiple local Mac accounts? In... Continue Reading →

2021 Nutanix Technology Champion

Thank you Nutanix, NutanixNation and fellow 2021 Nutanix Technology Champions for allowing me to be a part of your community for the second year in row. Nutanix Technology Champion benefits include the following: Promotion of membership and community contributions.Early briefings about Nutanix products and announcements.Participation in private meetings and webinars with Nutanix.Access to a private... Continue Reading →

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