Veeam Vanguard 2019

Before we begin, I'd like to thank the #vCommunity for your continued support! Most of you already know this but I'll go ahead and remind the audience how powerful your message is. Without you, none of this would be possible. You've provided me the hope and motivation to challenge myself in ways I never thought... Continue Reading →


You Can Call Me Al

I’ve been on the fence about this subject for months. Part of my indecision has more to do with how I may be portrayed after you’ve read this post. Like many of us, we’re expected to provide for our families and my concern all along is how this could be interpreted. The goal is to... Continue Reading →

2019 Nutanix Technology Champion

One of my goals for 2019 was to become more involved in the Nutanix community aka NutanixNation. I wanted to keep the momentum going after attending Nutanix .NEXT in New Orleans last year and having the opportunity to meet great people like Dheeraj Pandey, Angelo Luciani, Adil El Hajiz, Brandon Graves, Paul Woodward Jr., Jens-Henrik Soeldner, Keith... Continue Reading →

2018 Year in Review

Like a snap of a finger, 2018 has come and gone but before we move forward we should take a moment to look back. Below you will find the professional goals I set for myself going into 2018 from my 2017 Year In Review blog post: Pass the VCP6.5-DCV exam (Complete in February) Pass the Nutanix... Continue Reading →

Creating a Veeam Backup Job

In order to create a proper Veeam backup job, a few requirements must be in place and they include:  A VM and\or server with Veeam 9  Virtual machines to backup  A location to store backups  Before we move forward, please keep in mind the following is being configured in my TEST environment. Please use precaution when creating your backup... Continue Reading →

Veeam Installation Guide

The following guide was created for the sole purpose of documenting my first attempt at installing Veeam Backup and Replication in my home lab environment. Veeam has provided NFR licenses for vExperts and more information about the NFR license including the license agreement can be found here. Once the license key has been obtained, the... Continue Reading →

VCP6-NV Achieved!

Before I go any further, thank you to everyone (I hope I don't miss anyone) for your continued support and for believing in me. This #RunNSX journey was a challenge and I needed every second to prepare for it. None of this would be possible without TeamNSX which includes Chris McCain, Sarah Pham and many... Continue Reading →

Managing USB Devices with Bitdefender

In order to comply with NIST 800-171, policies must be created to limit the use of portable storage devices in a corporate environment. The purpose of this policy is to prohibit the use of portable storage devices that do not include an identifiable owner which also includes an approach for handling and protecting CUI that... Continue Reading →

The #vCommunity

90% is pretty impressive. Let's start by providing the official definition of community including the keywords listed below that define the true value of the #vCommunity (2017 blog post\former blog and the list of names has probably tripled in the year since). Unified Common Group Interests Linked Joint Ownership Values When combined these words summarize... Continue Reading →

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