VeeamON 2022

VeeamON 2022 for North America is scheduled for May 17-18. Each day will begin with an Opening General Session followed by breakouts, exhibits, and live expert sessions. For more information including times for each please click here. Additionally you will find information about the EMEA and APAC events.

To register, please go here and two important factors to consider and most likely the biggest ones to keep in mind are the virtual event is free and completely online! The agenda and more details will be posted online as we get closer to the event, so please stay tuned. Live and on-demand content will be available with more than 30 sessions, keynotes and access to Veeam leaders and experts. I’d also suggest taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the speakers including their bio and how to contact them on the Speakers page. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a few of them in person and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions about a previous registration which may include VMCE training or about the online registration process, please visit the FAQ section for more info.

And if you decide to attend in-person, try to connect with a Veeam Vanguard or Veeam Legend to learn more about each program.

If you’re interested in learning more about the event from fellow Veeam Vanguards, please click on the links below:

I would also recommend the two most recent books authored by Chris Childerhose and Nicolas Bonnet, linked below for your convenience:

If you’re interested in my Veeam related posts, please click here.


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