Nutanix Prism Central Upgrade

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and steps needed to upgrade Nutanix Prism Central.  Before we begin with the upgrade, it is always a good practice to initiate a NCC (Nutanix Cluster Check) in Prism before moving forward with the Prism Central upgrade. In order to do so, please log... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Nutanix Prism

So what can One Click do for you in the datacenter? It provides simplicity in a single pane of glass for all of your necessary tools. Let's review some of its feature and capabilities: Dashboard - a cluster management user interface that includes a menu bar with a host of tiles that provide information about... Continue Reading →

.NEXT Experience – Day 2

Day 2 is full of sessions/keynotes/interviews and two workout sessions provided by FlyWheel Sports. Did I mention the keynote started with Mardi Gras floats which includes 5,500 registrants representing 71 countries!! Opening Keynote:┬áThe speakers and guests included Ben Gibson (Nutanix), Jason Lochhead (Cyxtera), Vijay Luthra (Northern Trust - Chicago), Dheeraj Pandey (Nutanix), Sunil Potti (Nutanix)... Continue Reading →

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