Do. Or do not. There is no try.

I've been blessed to expand my career in ways I could not have conceived 5+ years ago. They include speaking engagements at #VeeamOn with fellow Veeam Vanguards, VMUG UserCons, hosting the VMUG Unfiltered podcast, writing engagements for Aruba Networks, THWACK, Runecast, GestaltIT, and Tech Field Day. In addition to this, the various tech advocacy\influencer groups... Continue Reading →

If You Build It….

Much like the theme from Field Of Dreams, if you believe in something they will come. Belief is the foundation but the community coming together are the bricks needed to Build the core. Rubrik's Build is just that and to quote Archibald "Moonlight" Graham from the movie, Rubrik is willing to "Go the distance!" Rubrik has... Continue Reading →

The #vCommunity

90% is pretty impressive. Let's start by providing the official definition of community including the keywords listed below that define the true value of the #vCommunity (2017 blog post\former blog and the list of names has probably tripled in the year since). Unified Common Group Interests Linked Joint Ownership Values When combined these words summarize... Continue Reading →

vExpert 2018

Thank you vExpert, vCommunityGuy, Elsa Mayer, Katie Bradley, Eric L Nielsen and the many others in the #vCommunity!! This definitely made my day & week!! I’ve been accepted & can’t thank everyone enough for your support, the #vCommunity rocks! Congrats to all the 2018  #vExperts! Giving back to the community has its rewards but there's no... Continue Reading →

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