Cloud Field Day 8

This event is big. Very Big. It's so big, we have two sets of Tech Field Day delegate panels to help guide you through it with presenters from around the world. The schedule is split into an "early" and "late" session that includes delegates and presenters for each. The early session includes six presenters (Aruba,... Continue Reading →

We’re not here to talk about Storage!

Please allow me to give some context as it relates to the blog post title. Andy Banta aka Storage Janitor at NetApp (a storage company) presented at Tech Field Day but it didn't involve storage. Well, kinda, maybe, already then.... Andy began the session with a discussion around Enhanced Data Center Workloads. First generation... Continue Reading →

Tech Field Day at VMworld (Las Vegas)

First and foremost, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following for allowing me to participate in Tech Field Day at VMworld: Stephen Foskett Tom Hollingsworth Rich Stroffolino Ben Gage Tech Field Day Gestalt StorageCraft NetApp Stephen and his team were kind enough to offer me an opportunity to join the Monday presentations... Continue Reading →

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