VeeamON 2019

Thanks to the good people at Veeam including the Veeam Vanguard Program, I wanted to show my appreciation for the upcoming opportunity to attend VeeamON in Miami by sharing a few thoughts that may be beneficial to those interested in the various programs and technologies provided by Veeam. A special thanks goes to Rick Vanover , Melissa... Continue Reading →

Creating a Veeam Backup Job

In order to create a proper Veeam backup job, a few requirements must be in place and they include:  A VM and\or server with Veeam 9  Virtual machines to backup  A location to store backups  Before we move forward, please keep in mind the following is being configured in my TEST environment. Please use precaution when creating your backup... Continue Reading →

Veeam Installation Guide

The following guide was created for the sole purpose of documenting my first attempt at installing Veeam Backup and Replication in my home lab environment. Veeam has provided NFR licenses for vExperts and more information about the NFR license including the license agreement can be found here. Once the license key has been obtained, the... Continue Reading →

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