The Faster The Better

Move Faster! Store More! Process Faster! This was my take from the event! The event began with Bob Swan (Intel CEO) providing the audience with an introduction which lead to a more in-depth discussion throughout the keynote that centered around Intel's various products and vision moving forward. Up next, Navin Shenoy (EVP/General Manager) from Intel's Data... Continue Reading →

Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day

The delegates representing Tech Field Day at Intel's Data-Centric Innovation Day will include Brian Gleason, Denny Cherry, Enrico Signoretti, Jeffrey Powers, Keith Townsend, Kurt Marko, Matthew Leib, Nate Avery, Ray Lucchesi, Rob Coote, and Scott D. Lowe. The event will be live streamed at Tech Field Day including the Facebook page. A special thanks goes to Intel for sponsoring the event... Continue Reading →

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