How to Create a WordPress Instance in Amazon Lightsail

For today‚Äôs blog post, I'm going to provide the steps required to create a WordPress Instance in Amazon Lightsail. Use cases for Amazon Lightsail include launching simple web applications, create custom websites, build small business applications, and the ability to spin up test environments. Please keep in mind, an Amazon account is required. Log into... Continue Reading →

Assigning a Static IP to an Amazon Lightsail Instance

As I continue to learn more about Amazon Lightsail, it's my goal to share my knowledge with the tech community. This will be my follow up blog post to my initial Lightsail post found here. Similar to my first post, my focus will be on keeping it simple while I explain how to Assign a... Continue Reading →

Amazon Lightsail

One of the many benefits to becoming an AWS Community Builder includes receiving promotional AWS Promotional Credits. The advantage to having these credits is the ability to use them to learn more about various AWS Products and Services. For today's blog post, I decided that's it's time to learn more about Amazon Lightsail. This post... Continue Reading →

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