Assigning a Static IP to an Amazon Lightsail Instance

As I continue to learn more about Amazon Lightsail, it’s my goal to share my knowledge with the tech community. This will be my follow up blog post to my initial Lightsail post found here. Similar to my first post, my focus will be on keeping it simple while I explain how to Assign a Static IP to an Amazon Lightsail Instance. Let’s go!!

AWS Login
  • Select Networking, followed by Create Static IP
  • In order to attach a static IP to an instance, the IP must reside in the same AWS Region. Once you have confirmed this, select the AWS Region where you want to create your static IP and then attach the Lightsail resource to it. You’ll then be required to provide a name for the static IP and you’ll need to keep the following in mind:
    • Resource names must be unique within each AWS Region in your Lightsail account.
    • The name must contain 2 to 255 characters.
    • It must start and end with an alphanumeric character of number
    • It can include alphanumeric characters, numbers, periods, dashes, and underscores.
    • Once the above has been met, select Create at the bottom of the page.
  • On the next page, you’ll receive confirmation of the change to a static IP. One thing to keep in mind, static IP addresses are free while attached to a resource. You can manage up to five at a time.
Static IP

This concludes this post and I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


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