Synology DS920+ (Installing NVMe Drives)

The purpose of this blog post (the fifth in my Synology series) is to provide the guidance and the steps needed to install two Synology SNV3400-800G NVMe drives for the Synology DS920+.

– I powered OFF the Synology DS920+ and removed the covers from the bottom of the unit. Next, I installed the two Synology SNV3400-800G NVMe drives and then placed the covers back on.

– I powered ON my Synology DS920+, logged into the Synology interface and double clicked on Storage Manager. Once the Synology Storage Manager window opens, then select SSD Cache followed by Create.

– Select your desired Cache Mode. For the purpose of this guide, I selected Read-Write Cache. On the following screen, please tick both boxes to for the NVMe that were installed. In this example, I installed two NVMe drives so I ticked both boxes.

– Select your desired RAID type. For the purpose of this guide, I selected RAID 1. On the SSD Cache configuration window, please select Apply.

This concludes this blog post, please be on the lookout for more in the future. Also, please checkout similar blog posts on the Synology NAS series from Chris Childerhose, Anwar Khan, and Ian Anderson.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DS920+, I would highly recommend contacting Synology using the Media Inquiry form.


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