Enrolling a Backup or New device for Duo

This guide and the instructions that follow are intended to be used by your IT staff when configuring the Duo mobile app for an employee that has acquired a new mobile phone (replacing an older phone) or has decided to setup Duo on a secondary device (for example, an iPad) as a backup.

Please ask the employee to install the Duo Mobile app on the new device before moving forward with the steps found below.

  1. For official Duo guidance, please click here and follow the steps found in the Activating Duo Mobile section.
  2. Log into the Duo Admin Panel and select Users in the left sidebar.

3. Select a User by clicking their username, then scroll to the Phones section of the User entry and select Add Phone (see step 4).

4. Select Phones.

5. Select Phone if you’re adding a new phone or Tablet if you’re adding a new tab.

6. For this demonstration, I’m setting up an iPad as a backup device then select Add Phone.

7. On the following page, under Device Info please select Activate Duo Mobile.

8. Select Generate Duo Mobile Activate Code.

9. Select Send Instructions by Email on the following window (scroll to the bottom).

10. Ask the employee to scan the QR Code provided in the email they receive (an example is found below) to activate their new or secondary Duo device.

11. The employee should now be able to log into their workstation with the new or secondary Duo device (in this example, phone2).


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