Security Field Day 5

I will be participating in my first ever Security Field Day event, which is scheduled to take place from March 23-25, 2021. For more information about the event including the times for each session, please click on the link above or follow along on Twitter with #XFD5.

The companies presenting for this event include Efficient iP, Juniper, Kemp, HashiCorp, and VMware. The presentations will be available via stream found on

None of this would be possible without the good folks at Tech Field Day and the sponsors listed above. Thanks for your support and the opportunity to attend. I’m also looking forward to meeting the fellow delegates, building friendships while learning from some of the best in the industry. These are just a few of the reasons why I’m blessed be a part of this special group.

For more information about the companies participating in this event, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that will be posted throughout the day of the event. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.


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