Windows Authentication Process for the Cisco Duo Mobile App

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and the steps needed to test the configuration of the Duo mobile app with your Windows workstation.

For official DUO guidance for Windows, please review Test Your Setup found here.

  1. At the Windows login screen, enter your Windows username and password.

2. The DUO authentication prompt (see below) appears after you successfully enter your Windows username and password in step 1.

3. Select Approve on the DUO mobile app when prompted to do so in order to proceed with the login attempt on your workstation.

4. If automatic push is disabled or if you click the Cancel button on the DUO authentication prompt in step 2, you can select a different device from the Device drop-down list (if you have enrolled more than one) or select any available factor to verify your identity to DUO.

  • DUO Push: Send a request to your smartphone. You can use Duo Push if you have installed and activated Duo Mobile on your device.
  • Call Me: Perform phone callback authentication.
  • Passcode: Log in using a passcode generated with Duo Mobile.

5. In the event your Windows workstation is NOT connected to a network (aka does not have internet access), OFFLINE Access is an alternate option for logging into your Windows workstation. DUO Authentication allows offline access, allowing secure logons to your Windows workstation even when unable to contact DUO’s cloud service. An ideal use case for Offline Access is while travelling by air (if internet access is not available). The code is only good for 30 seconds.

6. Enter the six-digit passcode below and select Log In.

If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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