Nutanix Prism Central Upgrade

The purpose of this blog post is to provide the guidance and steps needed to upgrade Nutanix Prism Central

Before we begin with the upgrade, it is always a good practice to initiate a NCC (Nutanix Cluster Check) in Prism before moving forward with the Prism Central upgrade. In order to do so, please log into your Prism portal. Next, please select Home and then Health:

NCC Check

Next, select Run NCC Checks:

Run NCC Checks

Select Run:


The NCC in Prism is complete (100%):

NCC Complete

Once the NCC is successful with no issues to report, we can proceed with the Prism Central upgrade. Please keep in mind, Prism Central must be upgraded to a compatible version before attempting to upgrade AOS (Acropolis Operating System). Below is an example of the Nutanix Prism Central Dashboard.

Prism Central - 1

To begin the Prism Central upgrade process, please select the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to access the Settings and then select Upgrade Prism Central:

Prism Central - 2

The current version of Prism Central in this example is pc.2020.9.0.1 and we are upgrading to pc.2020.11. Please select Download to proceed with the Prism Central upgrade and then Yes to proceed with the Prism Central download:

Prism Central - 3

Prism Central - 4

Select Continue to begin the upgrade:

Prism Central - 5

Selecting Upgrade Now will run the Pre-Upgrade checks first and will then proceed with the upgrade automatically. Please keep in mind, selecting Pre-Upgrade initiates the pre-upgrade checks prior to the Prism Central upgrade. In this example, you can proceed with Upgrade Now:

Prism Central - 6

The upgrade provides a progress bar during this time:

Prism Central - 7

Prism Central - 8

In the event you receive the error below, this occurs because the server restarts multiple times during the upgrade. To confirm, you can ping the address with a -t command until it replies back to confirm the server is back up and running as normal after the upgrade.

Prism Central - 9

The upgrade is complete once the log-in screen for Prism Central reappears.

Prism Central - 10

The following message should appear after successfully logging back into Prism Central, please select YES:

Prism Central - 11

The upgrade is complete with no issues to report.

Prism Central - 12

It is always a good practice to conduct a NCC in Prism after the upgrade is complete:

Prism - 13

Prism - 14

Prism - 15

Prism - 16

Release notes:


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