Looking Ahead: Veeam at Tech Field Day 22

Veeam kicked off day two of Tech Field Day 22 and although I was not able to attend any of the sessions live, the feedback I’ve received from those that attended the sessions has been tremendous and positive. This includes Max Mortillaro (a trusted and well respected IT Industry Analyst) tweeted “The Veeam team is killing it so far. Who said data protection is boring?” to describe the Veeam sessions and products. 

The Veeam presenters included Rick Vanover, David Hill, Kirsten Stoner, and Melissa Palmer. The first session, lead by Rick and David, was the foundation for the remainder of the day. It included Veeam’s plan for #TFD22 and what’s in store ahead for 2021 and an exclusive for the Tech Field Day audience.  

The topics included Veaam’s Availability Suite v11 (Object Storage), the aforementioned exclusive introduction (never seen publicly) of Veeam ONE: Now to Next, Veeam Availability Suite v11: Secure Linux Repository, Veeam Availability Orchestrator: Now to Next, and Veeam’s acquisition of Kasten


Known as the most trusted provider of backup solutions that delivers cloud data management, Veeam continues to innovate this market space. Three key words\terms to focus on include Trusted (what you ask of a backup product), Data (high expectations of digital transformation as it applies to RTOs and RPOs), and Cloud Data Management (bridging the gap to better define Veeam’s vision).

However, some may not be familiar with Veeam or their products, so Rick decided to give the Tech Field Day delegates an opportunity to say a few words. Max Mortillaro described Veeam as “an interesting journey since it’s inception and is now established and it’s here!”. Arjan Timmerman is “very excited about Kasten including K8S” and Bruno Wollmann said “I’m new to Veeam”. This is exactly what Rick wanted to hear from the audience because it lead directly into the mission statement for the sessions, which is “Where we have been and where we are going” as Rick put it. 

While Veeam is considered by many as a VMware backup, their platform has increased tremendously over the past few years. This includes the Cloud, SaaS (software as a service), Applications (i.e. K8S, SQL, and Oracle to name a few), and bare metal (which includes NAS backups). As you turn your attention to the image below, Monitoring & Analytics has evolved into the Veeam Availability platform including products like Veeam ONE. 

A Single Platform

Act I (left hand side of the image below) is where Veeam was born. As the organization has evolved and grown since then, The Hybrid Cloud described in Act II (right hand side of the image below) by David Hill is where Veeam has placed its focus on for the future. Workloads are increasingly being moved to cloud environments from on-premises environments to leverage scalability across the different cloud environments, especially as more organizations have started to transition to a remote workforce environment and will continue to do so as we look ahead to the new year and beyond.

Act II with David Hill

Current cloud native products provided by Veeam include Veeam Backup for Azure (v1), Veeam Backup for AWS (v3), and Kasten by Veeam (v3). Please be on the lookout for v2 for Veeam Backup for Azure and the introduction of Veeam Backup for GCP (v1) in 2021. 

Cloud Native Products

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the Tech Field Day delegates from TFD22. Additionally, you can reach out directly to any of the speakers I’ve mentioned on Twitter.

Questions - Slide 8

For more information about Veeam, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that were posted throughout the day. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 Veeam Vanguard program including the application process please click here. Additionally, I would highly recommend Veeam’s new community program and here is where you can become a Veeam Legend


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