Cloud Native with Veeam Backup at Cloud Field Day 8

The next topic for Veeam’s presentation at Cloud Field Day 8 was Cloud-Native backup for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure provided by David Hill (Global Technologist, Product Strategy, Veeam). When considering cloud native products, Veeam’s focus is around cloud-native, cost-effective, security, and cloud mobility.

Veeam's Focus
Veeam’s Focus

Veeam’s cloud-native products provide customers the flexibility to choose as a stand-alone or part of Veeam’s cloud platform. Veeam’s cloud native solutions provide customers the ability to integrate backup solutions with the various public cloud providers including AWS.

Cost will always be a focal point when determining a viable backup solution when it applies to a cloud provider like AWS. Veeam’s Cloud-Native backup for Amazon AWS is a change from the standard on-premises backup solution because charges in the cloud can change over time with new services\products introduced by AWS as opposed to an on-premises hardware solution that remains the same over time, excluding storage needs (depending on the size of the local backups and how long they must be retained). Veeam also includes a built-in backup cost calculator which provides cost control and the ability to avoid unnecessary costs.

Additionally, if your organization has multiple snapshots, they can be offloaded into an Amazon S3 repository for long-term data retention (see Amazon S3 image) and by doing so this will reduce costs and time spent managing the snapshots. To further reduce costs, Veeam leverages Workers (see Workers image) which are small instances in Amazon Regions to ensure data remains in its designated region to avoid the possibility of data being transferred across Regions which triggers increased data transfer costs for the customer. If you’re interested in learning more, David provided a demo which can be found here, and it starts at the 9:30 mark which includes a mention of my good friend and fellow Veeam Vanguard Jim Jones.

For more information about Veeam, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that were posted throughout the day. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.


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