vForum Online Spring 2020

Spring is in the air (adios old man Winter!), Punxsutawney Phil nailed his prediction and it’s time to move forward (no pun intended) as we prepare for vForum Online Spring 2020!


The vForum event is scheduled for May 13th from 9am-2pm PDT and will be hosted completely online. Simply register here and watch from any device (laptop, mobile device or desktop computer). There is no cost associated for attending the event and the session will be broken down into six categories (Multi-Cloud, Modern Apps, Virtual Cloud Networking, Intrinsic Security, Digital Workspace, and Healthcare & Government). Breakout sessions and Hands-On Labs (HOLs) for each category with their respective times are listed in the image below. If you know someone that may be interested in the sessions but they’re unaware of the event, send them a personalized invite using this link.


If you’re looking for reasons to attend, here are some factors to consider:

  • Pat Gelsinger’s (VMware CEO) keynote speech.
  • You can attend from the comfort of your office, home or virtually anywhere.
  • Travel costs (including hotel and flight tickets)? It’s free and as I stated above, you can attend from virtually anywhere!
  • It’s a half day event and provides you with 38 breakout sessions, Q&A with 130 experts, and 10+ HOLs (Hands-On Labs) to choose from.
  • If you have questions during the forum, who do I ask? We have you covered because there will be multiple experts to interact with.
  • How do I apply the knowledge obtained from the vForum? Hands-On Labs are available for each breakout session during the entire event.

As a reminder, don’t forget to register using this link and follow @VMwareEvents on Twitter for updates as they become available. Hope to see you there!


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