VMCE 2020 – Beta Class

First, thanks to everyone at Veeam for allowing me to participate in this experience. It was tremendous and everyone leading into and during the training has gone above the call of duty, it’s more than anyone should ever expect. The staff on site were wonderful and treated everyone with the utmost professionalism. Again, I can’t thank you enough and I hope to return the favor in some capacity.

In advance of the introduction of the Veeam Availability Suite for v10 scheduled for February 18th, I was very blessed along with fellow Veeam Vanguards including Shane Williford and Nathan Oldfield to attend the VMCE v10 Beta class at the Veeam office located in the Alpharetta, Georgia office. The 3 day course was taught by Rasmus Haslund (Veeam Certified Trainer) from February 4-6, 2020 and each attendee was invited to take part in the new VMCE v10 pilot exam.

Throughout the class, attendees were highly encouraged to provide feedback about the course materials and content including the exam. The hope by the Veeam trainers is to build upon the feedback provided by the Vanguards and members of Veeam’s staff before the class and exam is released to the general public sometime later this year. The interactions between Rasmus and the Veeam trainers including Joe Monahan (VMCE Technical Trainer) and the attendees was very positive overall. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when the attendees and the training staff had differing opinions about the content but that’s the entire point behind this unique experience and that’s to give honest feedback in a respectful manner so everyone involved can learn and build upon it in a positive and productive manner moving forward. There is no such thing as right or wrong but the feedback from both sides was always welcome. There is one important factor to keep in mind, the VMCE v10 Beta class was NOT intended to help you pass the exam. If you were fortunate enough to pass, well deserved but I would highly recommend doing your part in your time preparing for the exam.

Unfortunately, I did not pass on my first attempt at the VMCE exam, but I hope to build on this experience and pass next time. In my opinion, I felt like most of the exam was fair. There was enough time to go through each of the questions and I believe Rasmus did a nice job and took the time to focus on areas that needed the attention. I spent a great deal of time taking notes throughout each day of the course. Moving forward, I’m going to refocus my efforts, spend more time in the home lab and comb through the list of objectives thoroughly so I understand every detail. In addition, I plan to revisit practice questions provided by Rasmus, Shane, Rose Herden, Rhys Hammond and many others in the Veeam community to help me as a prepare for attempt #2 later this year. If you have any additional resources, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll be happy to include them. My only request and I know it was discussed many times throughout the week, but I just wish v10 had a book like what was provided for v9 (u4) when I took the training class at VeeamON in Miami last year. If the book was in our possession weeks prior to the exam, it would have been so helpful.

Veeam Photo

As I put a bow on this post, thank you Nikola Pejková, Rick Vanover, Andrew Zhelezko, Rasmus Haslund, Joe Monahan, Jessica Marshall, Cheryl Duttinger and everyone involved for your efforts. I hope to see everyone at VeeamON in Vegas in May.



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