VeeamON Virtual

VeeamON Virtual scheduled for November 20th at 12PM EST is a live event hosted by Veeam which includes technical and deep dive sessions. To attend, please register here or click the image below to join the live streaming event and it won’t cost you anything because it’s FREE.

EN_550x150_VOV (1)
VeeamON Virtual

As an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the Veeam community including the presenters, media partners and sponsors. The agenda is broken down into four categories (Vision & Strategy, Implementation Best Practices, Cloud-Powered, and Architecture & Design).

The speakers and presenters will include names you’re already familiar like Ratmir Timashev, Dave Russell, Danny Allan, Jason Buffington, Rick Vanover, Melissa Palmer, Karinne Bessette, Andrew Zhelezko, David Hill and many more.

While you’re there, be sure to join fellow Veeam Vanguards in the Expert Lounge where you’ll find Chris Childerhose, Florian Raack, Luciano Patrão and others including Falko Banaszak who will one day join the Vanguards program because of his tremendous content surrounding Veeam and its products. I’m looking forward to hopefully congratulating you in person Falko, it’s well deserved!  

If you’re unable to attend the live event, a recording will be posted online after Nov 20th.


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