2019 Veeam Vanguard Summit – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the Veeam Vanguard Summit started with the Cloud Tier presentation led by Andrew Zhelezko and David Hill. The Veeam Cloud Tier was created to extend object storage integration (Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, IBM cloud object storage, S3-compatible service providers or on-premises storage offerings) to include unlimited capacity with no additional charges for cloud storage or subscription charges. Veeam Cloud Tier is also hardware agnostic so there is no dependency on any specific type of hardware. With Veeam, you receive Backup and Replication with the functionality listed above. The purpose of Veeam Cloud Tier is to shift data from expensive local storage to less expensive cloud based storage solutions.  The data is shifted in tiers and is not intended to act as an archiving solution.

The following session was introduced as a Top Secret Product Announcement and unfortunately the information discussed and provided is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which does not permit me to disclose any additional information. However, Alec King  and Oleg Patrakov discussed Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) and its features which includes leveraging Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) for backup, replication, failover and restore capabilities. VAO also provides the ability to create, test and document disaster recovery (DR) plans and ties many Veeam products together including Veeam ONE.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Next on the agenda was Michael Cade and Dmitry Popov with their NAS Backup presentation which is slated to be a great addition for v10. The days of copying backups will be replaced with a new Veeam approach that uses a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) tree that are stored in cache in the first backup and then compares the hashes created by future backups to determine if anything has changed. This method reduces times and file storage which in turn produces efficiency and cost savings.

NAS Backup
Michael Cade and Dmitry Popov during the NAS Backup Session

I believe the highlight of the Vanguard Summit was the R&D session with Anton Gostev, Dmitry Popov, Nikita Shestakov, Pavel Tide, and Alec King. In this session, the Veeam Vanguards in attendance had a wonderful opportunity to engage with the panel. The topics varied from product Q&A, Veeam’s vision, and future enhancements including new features. The dialogue was very interactive, including back and forth discussions between the members of the audience and the panel. It’s extremely rare to be provided with such an awesome opportunity and I know speak for many, we are very lucky to be in the positions we’re in. To say the least, it was pretty cool! 

Anton Gostev, Dmitry Popov, Nikita Shestakov, Pavel Tide, and Alec King during the R&D session.

To close the evening, Veeam kindly invited the Vanguards to the Staropramen Brewery for a night of drinks, food, laughs, pictures, poor attempts at pouring beer and most importantly a wonderful way to get to know everyone even further.



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