Circle Of Trust

In order to be successful in life, you have to build solid relationships and earn trust. In business, without trust companies tend to fail. It’s critical to earn the trust of your clients. For Juniper Networks, trust is epic! Most large companies have Juniper Networks in their core network or in the edge for security. Since it’s inception in 1996, Juniper has developed a solid reputation in the industry and are looking to build on this in the cloud. This includes helping companies build their cloud infrastructure, connecting people to the cloud, distributing clouds to enable 5G and IoT, and cloud-delivered enterprise.

This is accomplished with a simple approach or as Derick described it “Engineering Simplicity”. How can this be accomplished as tech continues to evolve and become more complex? Juniper Networks portfolio has a cloud everywhere approach to simplify things for the customer so they’re always connected at all times while I’m eliminating the complexity for the customer.

Osman Sarood described in great detail how Mist Systems leverages the cloud architecture. To kick off his presentation, he elaborated on how various access points throughout the world send telemetry back to the clouds. The data is processed into two different compute engines that includes real-time processing. Open source is heavily used and mainly because Mist Systems wanted to remain cloud neutral.

Mist Systems is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) company that includes cloud infrastructure to support it. The VNA (Virtual Network Assistant) is used for real-time processing and real-time aggregation. One of the larger challenges Mist encountered in the last 2 years has been growth (which is a great problem to have). In the picture below, the house is the AI and below the house is the foundation (in this example the cloud infrastructure). Once the water in this example flows into the foundation, everything comes apart. Mist Systems goal is to build a resilient infrastructure that can handle any amount of data without the potential for disaster. This comes back to where we started, building a trust system with your customer to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

As is the case with most companies, there are always factors to consider and they typically include: cost, reliability and is the solution scalable? Once the foundation is in place, there are additional factors to consider and the same rules apply to cloud infrastructure. Building from the ground up is critical in building a solid customer base including their trust and faith in your services.

Multi-cloud environments require some form of adaptation but businesses tend to shy away because they’d rather not rock the boat because change can have an adverse affect. The goal is to incorporate adaptability that provides a consistent transition to fit the current environment. What leads to this decision? Trust. This includes reliability, optimization and simplicity. As Nick Davey mentioned, Juniper’s purpose is to shift multi-location complexity into one single interface which leads to simplicity and a centralized management system.

To conclude Juniper’s presentation, Derick spent a few minutes discussing NRE LABS. The focus of these labs to provide a community driven lab environment that provides the tools needed to enhance your networking skills through automation and exercises. For more information about this initiative, Matt Oswalt provided a demo during #NFD20.

To learn more about Juniper Networks and Mist Systems, please click on the links below to watch the presentations which were recorded live while on-site for Cloud Field Day 5:

For more information about Juniper Networks, Mist Systems, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that were posted throughout the day. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.

Thanks again to our sponsors Juniper Networks and Mist Systems for hosting and credit to Ken NalboneStephen FoskettBen T. Gage and the wonderful people at Tech Field Day and Gestalt enough for allowing me to join them.


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