It’s Your Data!

First, thank you Dmitry Kniazev for providing the photo used as the featured image.

This will be the first of two blog posts that will cover the Veeam session at Cloud Field Day 5. In this post, I will provide a summary for the first two videos recorded live by the good people at PrimeImage Media.

To begin the Veeam session, David Hill (Global Technologist, Product Strategy) provided the Tech Field Day delegates with a Veeam introduction including information about their cloud based products.

Let’s first discuss some numbers:

  • $963 million in sales revenue (strictly software) for 2018 (Veeam started in 2008 w\ $8 million in sales)
  • +73 Net Promotor Score (based on 330K + customers, which is something to consider when factoring the overall score. It’s very impressive!)
  • 330K+ world wide customers (which includes an additional 40K/year)
  • 18 million plus servers protected using Veeam’s Backup and Replication
Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 6.51.07 PM
Veeam by the numbers
  • 500+ Net New Developers
  • 1,000 Net New Employees
  • $150 million Prague Development Lab Investment (Prague is the 2019 host city for the Veeam Vanguards in October)
  • $500 million Insight Venture Capital Investment (Veeam takes these investments to help fund mergers and acquisitions in hopes of becoming the number #1 data management protection company across all public clouds and data center platforms)
Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 6.53.02 PM
Veeam by the numbers

Veeam’s amazing growth since its inception in 2008 is astronomical, it’s nearly a $1 billion dollar company. The key factors to this substantial growth in such a short period of time includes:

  • Simplicity (keeping it simple for the customer)
  • Reliability (high level of software quality)
  • Flexibility (hardware agnostic)

Next up from Veeam is Michael Cade to dig deeper into Veeam Portability & Cloud Mobility.

Michael jumped directly in a live demo that provided the process for a Direct Restore to AWS EC2 instance using Veeam’s Backup and Replication interface. It’s completely wizard driven but PowerShell is an option. There are multiple methods to kick off the restore wizard (right click the backup or by using the appropriate option from the ribbon at the top of the screen pictured in the Backups image). Once this has been selected, the end user is prompted with the Restore from Backup screen. Once the backup has been selected in the Adding the Backup to Restore window, then select the Virtual Machine from Virtual Machines window.

Because an AWS account (see AWS Account image) has already been linked to this demo, Michael was able to select it and the respective AWS region. Once the VM was been selected, a name (see Provide VM name image) must be provided including an optional VM tag (see VM Tags image). On the following screen (Instance Type image), an instance type must be selected with an option to select the License type and the estimated price per month.

The Amazon VPC, subnet and Security group can be selected from the Network image. The Secure Restore window allows the administrator to scan the VM for anti-viruses before it’s restored back into the environment. In the event a malicious file is found on the VM during the scan, the VM can be isolated into a Security group away from your production environment that allows you to further troubleshoot the issue.

Veeam’s message? This is YOUR DATA and you should always have access to this data even if you’ve decided to move on from Veeam 10, 15, 20 years from now. Veeam doesn’t want the customers to feel locked into their technology. The analogy used by Michael is the Zip drive which can still be used to open a file from a Zip disk used 10 years ago regardless of compression software.

Michael then proceeded to break down the various Veeam file formats and they include:

  • .VBK format = full backup
  • .VIB format = forward forever incremental
  • .VRB format = reversed incremental

Each includes a Header (provides the backup file and block size) , Metadata (source and guest O\S information) and Files in Backup aka Payload (FIB).

Veeam’s Repository provides various options to choose from and they include:

  • DAS/SAN (Direct Attached Storage which is storage attached directly to a computer or server)
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage which is dedicated file storage)
  • Dedupe Appliance

Each of the disk tiers and types above can be pulled into the Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository. By doing so, it provides the customer additional flexibility. You can additionally use Amazon S3 or Microsoft Blob Storage as well.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.30.20 PM
Veeam’s Repository

Since Veeam’s inception, there has always been a free tier product also known as the Veeam Community Edition which allows the administrator to open any of the file formats that were previously mentioned but this requires that the software be installed on a Windows server.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.30.35 PM
Veeam Community Edition

If you would prefer not to install the Veeam Community Edition, you have option to use the Extractor Utility (Windows or Linux) which is an independent tool with no requirements to use with the Veeam Back and Replication software.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.31.41 PM
Extractor Utility

Cloud Mobility provides the ability to take the workloads and send them to AWS, Azure or Azure Stack. The largest use cases are the abilities to test and develop in the public cloud, data recovery and migration to the cloud. PowerShell scripting can also be used for migrating to the cloud. Regardless of the platforms listed in the Cloud Mobility Recap image, each are converted to a .VBK data format which is then sent to the preferred public cloud.

Still unsure?

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.37.04 PM
Any Veeam Backup!

For more information about Veeam, Tech Field Day and how to become a TFD – please click on the links below:

Please take a moment to subscribe to the YouTube channel which also includes watching the various videos that were posted throughout the day. Kudos to PrimeImage Media for recording the live sessions.

Thanks again to our sponsor Veeam for hosting a wonderful event and I can’t thank Ken NalboneStephen FoskettBen T. Gage and the wonderful people at Tech Field Day and Gestalt enough for allowing me to join them.


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