An Introduction to Nutanix Prism

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So what can One Click do for you in the datacenter? It provides simplicity in a single pane of glass for all of your necessary tools.

Let’s review some of its feature and capabilities:

  • Dashboard – a cluster management user interface that includes a menu bar with a host of tiles that provide information about the clusters. Additional dashboard views can be customized to meet your needs in your environment.
  • Alerts – customizable notifications can be created to provide alerts that pertain to any managed cluster in your environment. These alerts can be created and configured for email and the specified recipients
  • Statistics – provides information about your clusters in an organized format
  • Data – the ability to retain data beyond 90 days

Let’s now discuss Prism in more detail.

  • Prism Element – each node runs inside of each CVM (Controller Virtual Machine). Element can be accessed via the Cluster or CVM IP address and is HA (Highly Available). Java and\or Flash is not required because it’s HMTL5 and it can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices including phones and tablets.
  • Prism Central – provides management for all Nutanix clusters regardless of location. Prism Central is a separate virtual machine that runs in VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Nutanix AHV. It provides the customers the flexibility to choose their preferred hypervisor that also includes XenServer. It also provides SSO for all clusters and various dashboards, analytics for registered clusters.
  • Prism Pro Editions (Starter and Pro)
    • Prism Starter – included with your purchase of Nutanix
    • Prism Pro – a license that provides additional features in Prism Central.

For more information about the two Prism Editions, please click here.

Want to learn more about the various Nutanix products? Check out The Nutanix Bible.


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