Day 1 – Networking Field Day 19

My latest journey began this morning in Northern Virginia and as I write this blog post, the day ends in San Clara, California thanks to the good people at TechFieldDay, GestaltIT which also includes Ben Gage and Tom Hollingsworth.

Shortly after arriving at San Francisco International Airport, I was greeted by Rogelio from Limo Fiesta promptly and professionally. The ride from the airport to the Aloft Hotel in Santa Clara took roughly 25 minutes but during this time Rogelio and I engaged in a very positive conversation about work, family and life. After a long day traveling from Va, I’m happy to have met Rogelio.

At approximately 6pm, I met with my fellow Tech Field Day #NFD19 delegates in the hotel lobby prior to our departure for dinner which was being held at Mosaic. The staff at the restaurant were top notch which included the service, hospitality and the quality of the food.

During dinner, delegates exchanged gifts (aka Yankee Swap) that represented your region. For example, I purchased 2 shirts (1 Baltimore Orioles and 1 Washington Redskins shirt) and coincidentally enough, Peter Welcher from Maryland ended up with my gifts.

As I bring this post to a close, I’m happy to have met my fellow delegates today (most for the first time) and I look forward to working with them for the remainder of the week. Additionally, I’d like to thank Ben and Tom for their efforts.

Finally and this is an inside joke but “I have your back Ben!”




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