VCP6-NV Achieved!

Before I go any further, thank you to everyone (I hope I don’t miss anyone) for your continued support and for believing in me. This #RunNSX journey was a challenge and I needed every second to prepare for it. None of this would be possible without TeamNSX which includes Chris McCain, Sarah Pham and many others. To learn more about the NSX & VMUG Training\Certification announcement, please click here.

The following resources were used for my preparation:

For those that are interested in pursuing this certification, I’ll be happy to share any additional resources that were provided to me and shared with many others while prepping for the exam.

After passing the VCP6-DCV exam in February, my goal was to complete this #NSX journey this past summer but life gets in the way and I’m glad I didn’t rush into it. The additional time spent preparing for the exam was the right thing to do and I would highly advise anyone pursing this or any certification to plan your steps, follow through on the execution and most importantly, use the resources that are provided online (similar to what I listed above).

Next up? To be honest, I’m not sure. If you any suggestions, please let me know via Twitter.

Finally, the VMware NSX team was kind enough to include me on their NSX Mindset series which can be found here. To everyone involved, thank you!


PSA: October is #Blogtober !


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