Day 3 – Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

The morning began with the Analyst and Influencer breakfast that included guests from Commvault. During the session, we were provided early access to future product announcements and services before they released to the general public. For a list of these announcements, please click here.

Shortly after breakfast, the Tech Field Day delegates and I headed to the Delta Ballroom for the Keynote General Session. Jill Coffin from TechTarget was the emcee and special guest speakers included Steve Connell and Bill Nye aka “The Science Guy”. The keynote can be found here for your viewing pleasure but unfortunately it does not include Steve Connell’s or Bill Nye’s dialogue. The focus of the speakers during the keynote was #Data and how it applies to science and IT. Remember, the theme behind the conference was Picture The Possibilities.

Did I mention we had ‘bullpen” access to the keynote?


Analyst briefings ran from 11am-2pm for lunch and this provided an opportunity for a second round of Q&A with representatives from Commvault after the keynote was complete.

To close the day, dinner was served at the Conservatory Wine Bar and Patio. For me personally, this was a fantastic opportunity to get to know more about fellow delegates and tech industry analysts which included Stu Miniman, Jon Hudson and Luigi Danakos.

Day 3 photos can be found here.


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