ESXi Home Lab

With the assistance and guidance I’ve received through the various programs which include @vExpert & @MyVMUG, it’s time to take what I’ve learned so far through my studies and certifications to use!

As the project evolves, I will continue to provide updates and they will hopefully include the following:

  • Home Lab Hardware
  • Software (obtained through the @vExpert program and @MyVMUG Advantage)
  • Installation of ESXi
  • Troubleshooting

None of this would be possible without the support of the #vCommunity, @vBrownBag and so many others but a big thanks goes to Eric L. Nielson, Katie Bradley, Corey Romero, Martijn Smit (and anyone else I may have missed) for allowing me to join the wonderful group of 2018 #vExperts.

Lastly, as a first time #vExpert, a special thanks goes to Ariel Sanchez Mora for being a genuinely good guy and for providing solid advice and tips for the incoming class of 2018 #vExperts !


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